Alkaline Wanna Bees… Alkalinity 101

By Donna Porteous

Hello, alkaline wanna bees and alkaline seasoned peeps… true vitality is right around the corner. To me and many others this means feeling, looking and being healthy, vibrant, energized, motivated, leane, serene and peaceful! So I have rounded up the alkaline principles in ten easy points for you all. So in summary it goes like this:

1. There are 2 food groups: alkaline or acidic. The top 7 alkaline veggies are celery, spinach, kale, sprouts, watercress, broccoli and parsley .

Fruits are acidic with the exception of the 7 following alkalizing fruits; lemons, limes, coloured bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados and occasionally grapefruit.

Never mix other traditional fruits with anything, as it creates fermentation aka rotting in your bowel thus bloating and health issues. If you are going to eat traditional fruit eat it alone in the morning at least 20 minutes before anything else! Berries are friendlier than all else and eat what is local or in season. Remember bananas, grapes and exoctic fruits are high in fructose aka sugar.

2. There is double the amount of healthy usable digestible protein in 100 calories of greens compared to 100 calories of any meat. We only require .8 grams of healthy digestible protein per 2.2 lbs of bodyweight, daily to build healthy blood which builds healthy body and organ cells. Keep in mind the strongest animals eat first source protein… grasses! Look at the elephant.

3. Our food has to be liquefied before entering our small intestinal track, the primary site of red blood cell production a.k.a. our life force. We are our blood. After conception (egg and sperm and both being alkaline), we are designed from one drop of our mother’s blood. From this grows a lung, then a tongue and then our heart.

4. Drinking as much of our nutrition is the best and fastest way to build vibrant health, ideal weight and more vitality. So I do green juice, green smoothies, green thicker shakes and green powder (I use InnerLight green powder from pH Miracle and De Souza liquid green chlorophyll -alcohol, paraban & gluserin free) in alkaline water is the way to go.

5. We run on electrons NOT calories. C.O.W.S.
O-Healthy Oils
W-Alkaline Water
S-Coloured Sea Salt, Sunshine and Smiles

6. Thoughts, feelings and emotions can release 2-3x more acidity into our body compared to an acidic food or beverage. As is the reverse true as well. They can improve our health and vitality with alkalinity and heal us too! So think peaceful loving thoughts, feelings and emotions.

One minute of laughter strengthens the immune system for 24 hours. One minute of anger weakens the immune system for 5 hours. A 20 second hugs helps calm and strengthen our 3-tier nervous system (especially the parasympathetic system) plus releases the “happy drug” oxytocin.

Our body heals with play…

Our mind heals with laughter…

And our Spirit heals with joy!

7. We are over 70% water with 6000 miles of blood vessels, 27 feet of intestinal track and use 3 liters of water daily just to function and keep everything flowing. For every 30 lbs. of body weight we need 1 liter of alkaline water. Be sure to get half of your amount before noon and yhe remainder before 6pm.

8. We are salt water electrical magnetic acoustical vibrational beings of light and all our body fluids are salty. Healthy salts are key… coloured pink and grey such as name brand called “Redmond’s Real Sea Salt”, I consoder it the only healthy table salt if you will. I also use other salts such as Bob Redmills Baking Soda, pH Miralce 4 salts and liquid spray salts.

9. Our bowel is the primary site of our health. A healthy bowel moves 3-5x times a day. Our bowel has more brain cells than our brain! So it makes sense to keep it healthy… right? For this I keep pH Miracle pHlush on hand or at least a product called Calm.

10. We have 5 channels of elimination (bowels, urine, lymphatics, glymphatics and breathing), which keep us clean and healthy and all 5 rely on… you guessed it… WATER!

Enjoy these simplified tips and tools and remember it’s a process, a lifestyle, daily choices and any step brings you closer to health and vitality! Its a lifestyle…

Zest for Life…

~ Donna ~


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