Babies on Green Juices, Green Smoothies and Green Milks

By Donna Porteous

Here you go…. all in one post ♡♡♡ Multiple alkaline beverage recipes for kiddos ♡♡♡

Two of these tiny tots came to me at 4 months old and very sick. One is now 2 years old and the other 4 years old… both healthy and happy little tikes now… not to mention the relieved and grateful parents!!! Visit fb page “Alkaline LifeStyle Testimonies with Donna Porteous” to read their stories and others ♡♡♡

In a Juicer Juice
2 English cucumbers
1 whole head of Celery
1 thick handful of Spinach
Keep the juice and toss the remains
Serve immediately or chill
Makes a liter or 32 oz.
Best consumed within 15 minutes and do not store longer than overnight as the nutritional value decreases
Also upon serving dilute this half and half with alkaline water
* Also try just one veggie juiced at a time before combing all 3 and obviously still dilute with alkaline water

Put 1 cup fresh green juice in a blender
1 cup of alkaline water
Half an avocado (avocados are a complete food on their own)
1/8 tsp coloured sea salt
Best consumed within the day and do not store longer than overnight as the nutritional and electron value decreases.

Soak 2 cups almonds in the fridge (organic and skinless preferred) for 48 hours
Change the water after first 24 hrs.
After 48 hrs rinse and put in the blender with 4 cups of water
Next strain the mixture
Keep the liquid and toss the remains (Do not keep the remains to eat. All food needs to liquefy for the bowel. Nuts and seeds never do, plus they get stuck in the bowel and cause health issues).
Serve the milk chilled.
Store in fridge no longer than 48 hrs

Use only “Fresh Young” coconuts (they are green and wrapped celo)
Open and pour coconut water into blender
Next scrape the meat from the inside into the blender
Serve chilled
Store in fridge no longer than 48 hrs

In a blender
1 cup hemp hearts
1 cup alkaline water
Strain if needed to make smooth
Chill and serve
Store in fridge no longer than 48 hrs

Try each drink on its own for a week. Then try half and half blended combinations of any two of the above: examples
green juice with almond milk
green smoothie with coconut milk
almond milk with coconut milk

Note: the green drinks are a full and complete nutritional meal on their own. By adding the almond or coconut milks it changes the flavour for variety. NEVER use processed milks or juices as they contain preservatives and additives plus often are GMO. Also do NOT use soy either as it is hard on the thyroid. It is always best to use fresh organic ingredients.

Remember babies are over 80% water and need water daily. Alkaline water is best. Green juice counts as water too. Constipation is a common symptom of dehydration. Water your babies!!!

To serve in a baby bottle make drinks more watery; for toddlers you can serve in a sippy cup; for older children serve with a straw; plus you can always make them thicker and serve as a baby food pablum (food) or as a thicker shake for older children too. You can also freeze any version as a popsicle for older children’s treats. All of these drinks are also great for any adult!

From Facebook page…
~ Alkaline Kitchen
with Donna Porteous ~

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